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i-divorceFamily law covers a broad spectrum of issues. Some of these, as with adoptions, relate to happy circumstances, but many of them are related to divorce or child custody or support matters. These situations often require that difficult choices be made, even as life is at its most confusing.

We can help you see clearly.

At Beck & Eldergill, P.C., we simplify the issues involved, explain your options, and give you our honest assessment of the case at all times. We take this approach because our experience has shown us that people can only make the best decisions for themselves and their families when they’ve been given all of the information.

As a Manchester firm, we help families and individuals in Tolland County, Middlesex County, Hartford County, and throughout Connecticut with comprehensive family law services ranging from adoptions to domestic violence crimes to post-divorce modifications. Our divorce-related services include:

  • Contested divorce / uncontested divorce: Not all divorce proceedings need be contentious; often times, when you and your spouse have no minor children, and where marital property is relatively small, we may be able to assist you in obtaining an uncontested divorce, meaning that you and your spouse are able to work out the details of the divorce decree without the need of litigation. Even in instances where there are minor children, or significant marital property, it may be possible to obtain an uncontested divorce. In some cases, we are able to provide you with advice and counsel without the necessity of filing a formal appearance on your behalf; this can result in considerable savings to you. In other cases, however, the disputes between you and your spouse may be too great to overcome without the intervention of the court. In such a contested case, our experienced family attorneys will fight vigorously on your behalf to obtain the best possible result on your behalf. Although you may be reasonable in your position, your spouse may not be negotiating from a reasonable position. In these cases, our attorneys are prepared to go to court and deal with your spouse from a position of strength.
  • Collaborative divorce: A collaborative divorce is one in which both you and your spouse are represented by your own counsel, but you work together to forego litigation and to reach an agreement regarding the terms of a divorce. This option is available to those clients who have the ability to work and compromise with their spouse, and who wish to avoid the stress and cost of litigation. It also ensures that the decisions regarding the dissolution of marriage remain with you and your spouse, rather than being decided by a judge.
  • Property settlements: In any marriage in which the parties have acquired property, part of the divorce judgment will be devoted to the division of property. When necessary, our attorneys are prepared to provide guidance regarding business valuation and the appraisal of commercial and residential property, as well as other valuations, in order to understand the assets of the marriage and to attempt to ensure a fair division of the same. Our attorneys are experienced at property settlements for all types of clients, whether your assets be minimal or whether your marital estate consists of a complex asset portfolio.
  • Child custody and visitation: Our attorneys understand that, often times, the most important aspects of a divorce are those relating to minor children. Child custody and visitation concerns may also arise independent of any divorce proceeding. In most cases, the assumption is that both parents will share in the responsibility of raising a child. We will work with you to develop a parenting plan that allows you access and parenting time with your child and that is in the best interest of the child.
  • Child support: Whether you were ever married to the other parents of your child or not, child support is an important aspect of ensuring your child has what he or she needs to thrive. Connecticut has mandatory child support guidelines, so our attorneys can assist you in calculating the amount of child support your child should be receiving. Moreover, if you are to be receiving child support benefits on behalf of your child, but your child’s other parent fails to make the child support payments, our attorneys can assist you in obtaining the amounts owed to your child, through a wage garnishment or some other means. On the other hand, if you are the parent responsible for making child support payments, and your circumstances have changed, like the loss of a job or some other major life event, our attorneys can assist you in obtaining a modification of the child support order.
  • Paternity testing / paternity rights: Whether you believe you are the father of a child and you are seeking parenting access, or whether you are a mother seeking to establish the father of your child, our experienced family attorneys can assist you in pursuing a paternity action, if necessary. When paternity is not disputed, it can be established by way of an acknowledgment of paternity. Otherwise, a DNA test can be sought. Once paternity is established, our attorneys will work with you to develop a parenting plan which would dictate custody and visitation, as well as child support, just as we would in any divorce action.
  • Spousal support / alimony: Another important aspect of a divorce settlement is the payment of spousal support or alimony. Our laws do not require the payment of alimony by one spouse to the other; whether alimony is appropriate will depend on the individual circumstances of your case. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement regarding the payment of spousal support, a court may consider the length of the marriage, the earning capacity of both spouses, and the division of other assets and debts in the divorce decree, amongst other considerations.
  • Post-decree modifications: Once a divorce is complete and a settlement agreement or judgment is entered, that does not mean that you may never go back to the court to see modification of some terms of the divorce, if there has been a change in circumstances. For instance, if you were ordered to pay alimony, but you have since lost your job, became disabled or experienced some other life change, you can petition the court to modify your obligations. On the other hand, if learn your former spouse recently received a large promotion or one the lottery, you can also petition the court to seek to have their responsibilities to you or your children modified. If you believe some portion of your divorce decree requires modification, contact one of our experienced family attorneys today so that we may assist you with the modification process.
  • Mediation: Our attorneys are also available to act as mediator between you and your spouse as you navigate the divorce process. This means that we would act as an impartial third party and would provide you with recommendations regarding all aspects of a divorce – child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support and property division.

Ideally, family issues can be settled without the need for a trial. This saves time, money, and usually a great deal of emotional distress for everyone concerned. Our attorneys understand this and will always seek solutions through reasonable negotiation, but we will never sell a client short merely to avoid a trial.

For questions about Connecticut’s child support guidelines, property settlements, or family law litigation, contact knowledgeable Hartford area divorce attorneys at the law firm of Beck & Eldergill, P.C. today.

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