Connecticut Attorney for Truck Accident Injury Victims

i-truckingaccidentsDue to the pressure of on-time delivery, congested streets and impatient customers, many truck drivers make errors in judgment. Many times truck drivers are operating on too little sleep. Often, these errors result in accidents with passenger cars and cause serious injuries and even fatalities.

If you or a family member was seriously hurt in an accident caused by an 18-wheeler truck or commercial delivery vehicle, you are not alone. The lawyers at Beck & Eldergill, P.C., in Manchester, represent clients statewide in personal injury and wrongful death cases. We are here to help. Contact us today.

All personal injury cases are handled on a contingent fee basis. If our attorneys fail to gain compensation on your behalf, you pay us no fees.

Trucking companies are notorious for engaging in questionable practices when truck accidents occur. Further, many trucking companies create shell corporations to make it difficult to determine true liability. From quickly repairing damage to cover defects or fault, to amending log books and service records, these business behemoths are savvy at evading their obligations.

At Beck & Eldergill, we do not let them. We are not afraid of big business and are not intimidated by scare tactics. Our firm dedicates full staffing and financial resources to determining fault and holding trucking companies accountable for accidents caused by their trucks and drivers.

Our legal team conducts thorough investigations, builds solid personal injury lawsuit cases and advocates for maximum financial settlements as allowed by law.

Protect your interests by speaking with an attorney BEFORE talking with the insurance companies.

Discover if you have a valid case by speaking with an experienced Hartford-area personal injury attorney at Beck & Eldergill, P.C. We handle all car crashes and truck accidents occurring along Route 6 and 30, I-84 and 384, I-95 and 395, I-91 and 291. Contact our firm today.

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