Hartford Employment Claim Lawyers

Some employers may offer an employee pay and benefits when the employment relationship is terminated. This is known as a severance package, and typically, in exchange for receiving the pay and benefits, the employee is expected to waive certain legal claims he or she may have against the employer. Therefore, it is essential to have an employment attorney review any severance package you are offered to evaluate whether accepting the package is in your best interest. Our employment attorneys regularly review severance packages on behalf of clients, and have the skills and experience to guide you through the severance negotiation process.

Although every case is different and we cannot guarantee any result, we may be able to assist you in negotiating more favorable severance terms. We can work directly with the employer, or the employer’s attorney to modify severance terms, or we can advise you how to approach negotiations on your own if the situation warrants it. Most important, we can advise you as to whether your particular circumstances give rise to a viable legal claim that you are being asked to release in order to obtain severance. Before you sign a severance agreement and give up your rights, contact our office to review your severance package with one of our attorneys!