Hartford Employment Claim Lawyers

unemploymentIn Connecticut, when an employee is terminated, the rebuttable assumption arises that the employee is entitled to unemployment compensation benefits. On the other hand, when an employee resigns or quits, the rebuttable assumption arises hat the employee is not entitled to unemployment compensation benefits. Often times, a dispute will arise during unemployment compensation proceedings concerning the facts and circumstances surrounding an employee’s termination or resignation. Whether you quit your job or you were fired, it is crucial to present the appropriate evidence and testimony to the Department of Labor in order to maximize your chance of receiving unemployment benefits.

Our experienced attorneys can assist you in evaluating your claim for unemployment benefits, and in presenting the facts to the Department of Labor. Depending on what stage of the unemployment compensation process you are at, it may also be necessary to present a legal argument, citing to relevant regulations, opinions and cases. If you are in the process of claiming unemployment benefits, contact one of our attorneys today.