Wills and living wills; Litigation

i-attorneysOur experienced attorneys hand all aspects of probate law including the drafting of documents, administration of estates and will contests.

Decisions regarding assets and end of life care are complicated and require careful thought. Our attorneys will meet with you to go over what property you own, what property will pass through probate and what you want to happen with the property you have worked to acquire. We have decades of experience drafting wills that meet both your needs and the probate court requirements.

Along with wills, we provide a complementary document called a living will at the same time. A living will gives you the opportunity to instruct your family about end-of-life decisions and appoints a health care representative to make decisions when you are unable to do so. Having a living will provides clarity to your family members about what types of treatments you desire in a hospital and can provide you comfort knowing your family has direction as to what you want.

When it is time to open a probate estate for a loved one who has passed, our attorneys know how to work through the minutiae involved with probate court. We are well-versed in opening an estate, admitting a will to probate, creating an inventory of property and distributing assets to beneficiaries. We take the stress and time-consuming paperwork out of your hands.

There can be disputes over the validity of a will. These disputes arise when there have been previous versions of wills, when one is executed near the time of death or when there is a question of mental capacity or undue influence. Our firm has represented families in these disputes on both sides – those wanting to admit a will to probate and those seeking to keep a will out.

Regardless of the issue, our primary focus for our clients is making sure they are comfortable with decisions made and have as much information as we can give. There are many difficult choices involved with probate matters and our attorneys will be there to guide you through and advise you based on our years of experience in these situations.