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i-wageandhourclaimsFederal and state law requires employers to pay at least minimum wage and to pay overtime to certain employees. An employer who fails to do so is breaking the law. If you believe that you are not being fairly paid for the work you perform, you should seek the advice of an experienced employment law attorney.

At the law firm of Beck & Eldergill, P.C., we have more than 30 years of experience pursuing wage claims for workers who were not paid correctly. We believe in holding employers accountable when they take advantage of workers. We have a track record of success in employment law cases, and we are ready to stand up for your rights.

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Our attorneys frequently handle claims for unpaid wages and unpaid overtime.

Unpaid wages: If an employer refuses to pay wages, we can investigate the sums of money at issue and take appropriate action. In some circumstances, state and federal law allows an employee to recover double damages as well as attorney’s fees, meaning that the employer has to pay the fee of the employee’s lawyer.

Unpaid overtime: Employees who are nonexempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act are entitled to overtime pay when working more than 40 hours in a week. If your job is something other than as an executive, an administrator, a professional or an outside sales person, you are most likely nonexempt and entitled to overtime.

Another common situation involves employees who are paid, but at an incorrect hourly rate, such as a rate below minimum wage. Connecticut’s minimum wage changes from time to time. If you are not being paid the required amount, we can help.

If you are terminated from your position, you may be entitled to receive compensation for certain fringe benefits. This may include accrued vacation, sick time and possibly other benefits. Our employment attorneys will examine your specific situation to see if you should have received these benefits upon termination.

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