Connecticut Employment Attorneys

compensationIf you are an executive or a director, officer or manager, in the process of exploring the terms of your relationship with an employer, our employment attorneys can assist you in negotiating an employment contract that is most favorable to you. Our law firm has over thirty years’ experience working with high level employees in negotiating their employment agreements, which includes much more than just agreeing upon a salary. An executive employment agreement should also include provisions regarding bonuses, retirement plans, stock options and severance, all of which are significant benefits above and beyond your regular pay.

In the event your relationship with your employer has been terminated, it is important to consult with an attorney to make sure you are receiving all that you are entitled to under your employment contract, and to ensure that you do not have any additional claims which could be asserted against the employer. Your employer may provide you with a release agreement which they pressure you to sign; before you sign any document waiving your rights, contact Beck & Eldergill to discuss the circumstances of your termination and any possible claims you may have.